Tuesday, January 25, 2011


She was standing outside a hut on the cliff. The last rays of sun were declaring the arrival of the evening with dim gleam. With the puffs of air, the dancing waves were frolicking with the rays of the sun. The hut seemed pleasant from far away but the people leading life in this one knew that how terrible it was? She was alone; her eyes were seeking someone in the vast ocean. She saw towards livid sky, the tired birds were returning towards their perches before dark night but she was not free and it made her gloomy. She was thousand miles away from her roost. Though she could move freely from place to place, yet this freedom was equal to salvation. She knew that she was a part of a mafia but she was compelled to do. She was silent just because of Hamu’s love. Hamu was a prisoner too. His name was Hamid but she used to call him “Hamu” with love. Both of them tried to escape but failed. Hamu used to work for Saith over sea and come back at night. The loneliness of a long day increased her boredom and she was trapped in the nest of meditations. She belonged to a prosperous family and now this hut was her fortune. Just few memories of childhood were saved in her mind about her parents and home as well she remembered that she was kidnapped. Long time had passed and now memories too, were vanishing away. They were living like the beggars so that no one could be suspicious about them. The day crept away gradually; she rose up and came out of the hut with a lamp. Many little boats were dancing with the waves. Her eyes were in the search of someone. The smile danced on her lips and all her weariness faded away when her eyes fell on the boat of Hamu. She kindled the lamp and put it on the edge of the rock. As the boat touched the rock, Hamu came out and tied it with the stones,
“How are you?” He enquired.
“Fine…” She smiled.
“Did you get frighten today?” Hamu asked affectionately.
“No… now, what to be terrified… more than half life has passed in these rocks.” Her voice lowered down with disappointment.

He went into the hut and lay down for some while.
“Is there no dinner tonight?” His voice roared in the darkness.
“There was nothing to cook.” The pain ruled her face.
“I bring in something from the coast.” He rose up and went towards the coast.

The rush of the people had come there to enjoy but he was charmless from this enjoyment. After dinner, Shazi set two beds outside the hut and they laid down.

The beams of the moon were glistening and the forceful waves of the sea were ending up after crushing with the rock. There was no drowsiness in his eyes. Neither had he any interest in the moonlight nor in the galaxy of stars. He was maddening about his disgust by Saith. He was lost in the fancy.
“Who has filled this box?” Saith shouted hoarsely.
 “Sir, Hamid” Someone replied.
“Hamid” Saith cried again.
“Yes, Sahib” He came in front of him.
“Don’t you know which box has to be sent where, and who’ll wrap it with the grass?” Saith yelled at him and a forceful blow hit his face. He got angry but remained calm.
Early in the morning, he went away and at the evening got back.
“Tomorrow evening, they will arrive.” He said.
“Ok, I will be ready.” Shazi replied shortly.
“But I want to do something this time.” He said decidedly.
“What happened?” She enquired.
“Yesterday, Saith has disgraced me, I want to take revenge.” His voice burst into anger.
“Do you know its punishment?” Shazi warned.
“Ya…” He replied.
“What is your opinion?” He asked.
“I am your maid and your decisions are always mine.” She looked at him with love.
He dined and went towards the beach. He stepped towards the office of the coast guards.
“What is the matter?” The security guard asked.
“I had some information.”
“Right, come in.”  The security guard said and he accompanied him. He informed the officer secretly and got back.
“Tomorrow will be the final day.” Hamu’s accent flared up with revenge.
“Perhaps, we may get freedom.” Shazi spoke hopefully.
“Tomorrow morning, I will leave away. In the dusks of evening, Saith will arrive with the boats. You will have to identify the way as usual and the police will control the matter…but take much care of yourself.” He stressed on the last sentence.
“Yes I will, but why are you looking so confused?” Shazi smiled.
“I don’t know why my heart is perplexed.” He said sadly.  
“You are always in panic, control on your heart.” She laughed.

This pleasant laughter was not less than the fragrance of the roses that changed the autumn into the spring. He too felt happy. Tonight, she had laughed after a long time.

The Milky Way was playing hide and seek with the waves and the moon was smiling on their fate in the mid of glittering galaxy. He felt pleasant. Soon drowsiness took them in its lap. When their eyes opened in the morning, the rays of sun were spread out. He was much worried and did not want to leave her alone. He gazed Shazi and rowed away the boat. She bade him farewell with a smile, standing outside the hut. When Shazi went out of his sight he felt, as his seeing was lost. When the boat touched the other bank, his thoughts dispersed. He tied up the boat and went into a muddy room in the dunes.
The loneliness of the day was creeping slowly and she was gloomy. The sun was shining and its rays were straying in worldwide and were alarming the end of the day. Seeing the stray rays, she thought;
“The sun enlightens the whole universe but never lets just a ray to stray in the darkness of the night while a man cannot protect his few rays.” Her fancy at once captured her home.

The sky got red and the sun was setting down with its little rays to end up a long tired day. When the sun hid behind the black veil, she went into the hut and came out with a lamp. Her eyes were focused on the sea. She saw some boats rowing in a queue and red flags identified them. A man was waving a handkerchief standing on the brink of the front boat. She waved her Dupatta in the blowing breeze and then entangled it in the stones. Kindling the lamp, she kept it on the edge of the rock. As the boats drew nearer, her palpitation disordered. The darkness overruled the night. The luggage was being unloaded and she was thinking about Hamu but her fantasy dispersed with terrible firing of weapons. The firing remained in practice for a long time. Saith was killed but bullets also pierced her fragile body. The rock was adorned with the corpses.
Hamu’s throbbing was upset and he was on his way to be back. Unusually, the waves were rushing tonight and the dashing of oars in the water was playing music. His hands were trembling and the oars were slipping again and again. He was much away but the powerful lights on the rock as well as the lights of the boats surrounding the rock made him able to see. The lamp was breathing its last.
“Why is the lamp dim…?” He became careless and his hands revolved restlessly. In the meanwhile, one of the oars broke up and he fell into the sea… He was a good swimmer but unfortunately, the waves did not avail him any chance for safety. Before getting attention of the coast guards or shouting for help, the cruel waves made him a prey of the doom.

There was a smile on the lips of Shazi, the smile of success. Both lovers had started a new journey. When the waves smashed with the rock, it seemed as these were assuring Shazi about Hamu’s love as the ambassador. The waves surged, the night crept, with draughts of the breeze, her Dupatta fluttered like the wings of an imprisoned bird, but dim lamp shimmered in the dark with luminous love. 

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  1. i like this short story enriched with true love feelings.